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Welcome to the Quick Text List (in alphabetical order, no less)Version of the Poser Goodie page!  Here you will find a list of my downloads of free stuff for use with Posertm, if you know what you are looking for, and don't need the fancy pictures and tables that take forever to load.

  All Poser stuff is PC version and in zip format.  Mac users can use MacConverter to translate them.

   Usage note:  all my items are free of commercial use restrictions, which means you can sell your images and animations made with them.  Standard distribution restrictions still apply.  Updates/revisions of other people's stuff may have different restrictions.

    Redistribution note:  you may not mass-distribute these files (via web site, cd compilation, etc etc).  However, if a friend or two needs a file or two, you can send them the files.  If this site goes down for any length of time, then feel free to host the files -- as long as there is no charge to access them.

Figures & Characters:

Bloodsong's Basic Norn (BBN)    norn figure

Baby Rhino          morphs and cr2 for DAZ rhino.

Cheap Horse Skeleton     terrible horse skeleton figure

Cheetah     character for the p4 cat

Dangly Eyeball     posable eyeball with muscles attached

Deluxe Multi-Species Swan     swan, goose, cygnet, and lotsa textures

Easy Pose Update: Dragon Factory

Easy Pose Update: Heavy Horse and Barding Pack I

Easy Pose Update: Deluxe Multi-Species Swan

Easy Pose Update: Hatchling Dragon

Easy Pose Update: MantaBat

Easy Pose Update: Wee Beasties

Easy Pose Update:  DAZ Dragon and tail

Gryphon4     new CR2, poses and MAT files for Jelisa's Gryphon

Hatchie Pack 1     new Hatchling Dragon CR2

Hatchie Pack 2     Li'l Angel, Li'l Devil and new Hatchling Dragon CR2

Hippogriff     a hippogriff

Kittens and Cat Eye Morphs   for the p4 cat

Lion Pack 1     lion jaw, conforming mane, trans maps, morphs for Big Face Lion

MantaBat     weird flying/swimming figure

Minotaur Hooves   swapping hooves for DAZ Michael

Mz Bash     a female troll character for Curio Creature's Ragbash the Troll (3D Commune or Renderosity stores)

Nightmare      textures and colours for the DAZ Millennium Horse.

P5 Horse Tail v.01     posable horse tail with dynamic hair. POSER 5 ONLY

Phoenix     morphs/texture for DAZ eagle

Poser Tail Pack V2     chopped tails from various animals

Snowball     a cute baby emperor penguin (actually a prop creature)

Universal Null     a null figure for preventing cross-talk

Very Tall Guy in a Hairy Yak Suit     one for the Star Wars fans -- Now with Texture Files <<Click There!

Clothing (Human and Animal):

Awful Soul Hip/Loin Cloth Easy Pose Updates      Originals by Awful Soul, with Easy Pose controls for the dangly bits. You need the original files.

Barding Pack I Charger Conversion     for 3DM Barding Pack I (dl the fix, too)

Barding Pack I P4 Conversion     for 3DM Barding Pack I (dl the fix, too)

Blankets for Heavy Horse    regular and new zealand style horse blankets

Charger Armor  Millennium Horse Conversion     Serrge's Chaos Charger armor for the Millennium Horse

Darc Clothing for Norns     Darcassian Jackets and Robe, conforming to the BBN.

Dirk Blackpool Tunic and Cape     P4 male clothing

Fantasy Tack Heavy Horse Conversion     for DAZ Fantasy Tack

Fantasy Tack  Millennium Horse Conversion     Fantasy Tack to Mil Horse

Fantasy Tack P4 Conversion     for DAZ Fantasy Tack

FurCape     posable barbarian kinda cape

Harness     conforming figure for p4 horse

Horse Blanket     conforming figure for p4 horse

KJPantProp     morphs for fitting the KJ Pant by Awful Soul.  you need the original files.

Norn Shirt & Pants     t-shirt and jeans for the BBN

PhilC Armor for Heavy Horse     conversion of PhilC horse armor for 3DM Heavy Horse

Princess Ariel Hat     a tall pointy princess hat with veils

Saddle Blanket for Heavy Horse     conforming saddle blanket

Saddle for Heavy Horse     posable plain saddle


CatPack2: Shoulders     shoulder blade morphs for p4 cat

Dog Morph Pack     head morphs for p4 dog

Horse Head Morphs 2   big eyes, belled ears, and a smile for the p4 horse

Horse Leg Morphs     knobby knees, cloven hooves, and fetlock morphs

Michael Torso Morphs 1     less pecs/delts, more back muscles

Rhino Morphs     extra head morphs, some abdomen morphs, and the baby rhino

Spine Eversion Morphs M2/M3     morphs to pop out the lower spine on m2/m3 and/or derivative figures

Zebra     quickie morphs and remapping for p4 horse

Textures and Remapping:

Big Face Buck Pack     lots of goodies for DAZ buck

Big Face Cat     new mapping for the p3/p4 cat

Big Face Lion     new mapping for the p4 lion

Big Face Tiger     tiger morphs and tx for Big Face Lion

Big Face Wolf     new mapping for the p4 wolf

Big Wing Eagle     new mapping, 2 textures for DAZ eagle  (mac version here)

Bloodsong's Secret Eye Base Materials     base materials for M2/M3 (and relatives) eyes

Gorilla Texture Dark     for the DAZ gorilla

Hatchie Fin Remapping   adjusted Hatchling Dragon UVMaps

IT maps     a handful of quickie square textures that work on F_Wizard's IT

Millennium Horse Texture Adjustments    PSD files that overlay the basic black DAZ texture to create variants, plus socks & blazes

New, Imprived Zygote Frog  (Big Face Frog)    new mapping, morphs, and tons o' textures for the p4 frog

Rhino Textures     bump and colour map for the DAZ rhino

Shades of Michael: Angel     texture for DAZ Michael

Shades of Michael: Scarred Nubian   texture for DAZ Michael

Shades of Michael: Sea Pixie     texture for DAZ Michael

Stephanie with Michael Mapping     for when you want Steph with a hairy chest


Gait Pack 1     pace, prance, trot, walk; for all horse figures

Grips     power grip and dex grip hand poses

Songbird Poses     poses that go with the Songbird Remix (at DAZ); some work with the original Songbird

Wee Beasties Pose Pack 1     misc poses for the various Wee Beasties


Amazing Miracle Grow Tulip     morphing prop

Background Drapes     3 drapes and 1 morphing ground plane

Cookies     chocolate chip and fig bar cookies

Devil Ducky  &  No-Horns Ducky   rubber ducky props

Enzo's Braveheart Hair     trans-mapped hair with morphs

Falconry Gear     glove, hood, jesses, perch, lures

Fans     folding fan prop (that doesn't fold)

Horse Mouth Parts     prop for the p4 horse

Ice Cream Cone     food prop

Incredible Tack Pack     Jackie's saddle and bridle with morphs, and a posable rein

Jousting Thingies     misc knightly props

Morphing Cupcake     morphs for DAZ cupcake

Quake 3 Antlered Helmet     antlered skull helmet based on quake 3 blue hunter

Ruby Throne     a golden throne with embedded rubies

Tall Cool Drink     prop

Visual Target     a prop for pointing the eyes.

War Staff     prop with morphs

Wishing Well     prop

Contents ©2000-2005 B L Render and 3D Menagerie.  All rights reserved.  
No images may be downloaded from this site, unless otherwise specified.  Thank you.

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