Vue Goodies!

   These are Vue goodies for versions 3 and up, unless otherwise noted.


Whole Mountain & Whole Mountain 2  V5 Conversion:     Thanks to Richard's Poetry Corner, you can now download these classic materials for use in V5.
   Vue 5 only.  For Vue 3 and 4, see below for the original files.


Complex Ground Cover:   This is a jumbled conglomeration of grasses, dirt, shattered field kinda hard-packed rock stuff.  It's made to go on the ground plane so it looks like a variated forest ground, rather than a lawn or something.  It also goes good on terrains.

   Tree and Triceratops from Vue 4 not included ;)

   I *think* this might work with Vue 3, it's only proceedural mats; but Vue 4 might do something weird with the new mat format, so I'm not sure.

Explosions:   Three different vob explosions.  Two are made with Vue 4 rocks, one is made mostly with primitives.

Vue 4+ only.

Dandelion Puff:   Basically just some spheres on a cylinder, with a material/texture/transparency created by me.  This is designed to go in a Carex plant with SilverBranch's dandelion leaf texture on it.  (As shown here.)

Whole Mountain 2; Autumnal Paths: Based on the Whole
Mountain Material (below), this has dark lowlands and
upland foliage that is starting to turn colour with the
onset of autumn.  Paths meander through the lowlands and
foothills.  Rock and snow are at the mountain top.

Whole Mountain:  Based on the Bryce Terrain material;
this has, from the bottom up, wet sand, sand, grass (and
rocks), dry grass, stone, and snow.  Mess with the
materials at each level of blending for different effects.
(ie: change the green grass to autumn foliage colour.)

Fire!  This is a material for fire.  Use it in layers to get
the best effect.  This demo pic has three cones, shrunk
inside each other, rotated and slightly 'twisted.'  It also
has a bright yellow-orange bulb light in it.

Stone Fireplace:  This is a multi-Boolean fireplace with
slate-ish hearth, recurved chimney, and wooden
mantlepiece.  It includes the stone and mortar mixed
material, plus stone and mortar mixed with soot; and
a long wood shader (that could be improved).
The light is not included.

Vue Puff Clouds: This has two "stoned" terrain objects
and two versions of my puff cloud and air shader mixed
material.  See the Vue Puff Cloud Tutorial for info!

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