No Glow Mouths!
Turn off that light inside characters' mouths with some simple base material manipulation.
Fitting Conformers to the Wrong
You *can* get away with this, sometimes.  If the figures are similar.  Don't expect this to work to get the tuxedo to fit on the gorilla.
P5 Quick Cloth and Tips Tips on making dynamic cloth, and how to do a quick clothifying without any fancy tricks.
P5 Interface Setups Just how I do things around here, to maximize my working space and ease of use. New: More Customization!
P5 Materials: Irridescent Lizard Skin This covers the concept of mixing things to create a material in layers, lots of fun with the cellular shader, using the blender nodes, and using alpha channels to blend stuff.
Interlacing Hand Poses: How to Use Them in your work. The Interlacing Hand Poses (for Millenium and P4 adult figures) are available at the 3DC store.  Not just stand-alone poses, they can be used as a starting point for your own interlaced hand poses.  Check it out!
Painlessly Easy Conforming Clothes Stop mucking about trying to line up those JP centers of your clothes.  Let Poser do it all for you!
Quickie Joint Parameters A quick rundown on what the heck those Joint Things are.
Painter 3D Tips & Tricks Some info to help make Painter 3D for Poser 4 a handier tool.  You might even end up using it for something!
Feathering Birds My technique for painting bird textures for Poser (or any 3D) models. This requires 2D painting apps that have layers and some type of image hose/picture tube tool.   (Note: the Painter 3D for Poser 4 on the P4 CDs has an image hose.)
Normalizing with the Grouper How to utilize Poser 4's Grouping Tool to fix models with reversed normals.
Skin Layering Formula Using different Poser renders composited in Photoshop (or PSP) to create more realistic skin tones.
Grafting on New Body Parts If you want to add (or even remove) body parts to a figure, here is
everything you need to know to successfully convert the CR2.
GetStringRes Lookup Tables Translates body part and dial names to/from the GetStringRes numbers.
Setting JPs for Eyes This shows you how to set up Joint Parameters to
 create posable eyes in your characters, without worrying
about turning off Bend for the head.
Having Illegitimate
Children in Poser
No, really!  Each child object can only have one parent,
until now.  These are some workarounds I've found.
Making a Centaur Gallop It is pretty simple to create walking/galloping centaurs, with
basic horse stride animations, and a little help from the walk

Vue d'Esprit
Azimuth What the heck is an Azimuth?  How do these mystic little
numbers control the location of the sun, light, materials....?
Creating Puff Clouds All the Stratus cloud materials and Cumulous cloud materials
and cloud layers and cloud planes just can't make those really
cool, huge puffy clouds.  But this can!
Tesign's Splash Technique Tesign was gracious enough to show me how he created the
gorgeous Hungry Bass image with a beautiful water splash
created entirely in Vue.



This shows my technique for building complex things using a Network Surface.


Head Part 1

This is my edge-curves-and-connection style of modeling, translated into LightWave.  Part 1 shows the basic QuadSkin and Bandsaw method, plus some Polygon Splitting for an eye socket.  Also includes tips on BandSaw, >4 Polygons, and SubPatch Freezing.

Ray Dream
RDD MFM Tips Volume One Info on the tools and menu items, OBJ importing
and handling, working box tips.
RDD MFM Tips Volume Two! Subdividing, triangulating, and filling those darn
unfillable polygons! Plus camera tricks.
Flawless FreeForm to Mesh Form Conversion Control your destiny! Or at least control how your
FreeForm object translates into a Mesh.

New!  Version 2, even more Flawless!

Using RDD to make morphs for Poser Shows how I created morphs for the reins for my
Incredible Tack Pack.
Using RDD to make a simple figure for Poser
(very simple)
Basic steps I used to create the posable rein.  Includes
figure sizing, the curve parameter, and IK chains.

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