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     3D Menagerie is still active, although no new products are being developed at this time.  All products in the catalogue are still available from various vendors. With the exception of Dragon Factory.  Please see the Dragon Factory site for more info.

 Wee Beasties
now at DAZ 3D

     Heavy Horse & Barding Pack I still in transition.

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Secrets of Figure Creation
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A book about the art and science of figure creation for Poser.  Whether you want to bring your cartoon character into Poser for your online comic, or want to create figures, props, and accessories for the Poser content market, or if you just need a handy reference for implementing fancy CR2 tricks, this book can help.
Eagle 2 Expansion

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Daz 3D This is a remapping and slight rebuild of the Eagle 2, which includes fewer materials, more directly-aligned trans maps, more head trans layers, and two-sided wing and tail feathers. The Eagle 2 Expansion has a variety of sculptural head morphs, and also controls for altering the shape of the tail, wings, and legs.  Textures by MoonRose.
Songbird Remix
Daz 3D This is Anton Kisiel's Songbird from DAZ, with a new make-over!  New geometry, plenty of morphs, and a starter pack of textures by Emperor Ken that expand the Songbird into several new species, including jays and cardinals.
Songbird ReMix Character Pack #2 Daz 3D Woodpeckers for the Songbird.  Even more birds for your Songbird, with textures and species by bird man Emperor Ken.
Wee Beasties Daz 3D
Cute baby beasties:  Hell Puppy, Manti-Kitty, Griffin, Hippogriff, Hippocampus, Winged Pony and Unicorn.
Heavy Horse in transition The Heavy Horse is one huge, muscled, buff, Arnold Schwarzenegger of a horse.  It's a wonderful draft horse or war horse.
Barding Pack I in transition The Barding Pack I is everything you need to send your Heavy Horse to war.  Two styles of caparison, jousting saddle and reins, and the SCA: Swappable Conforming Armor.   Outfit your Heavy Horse with this conforming figure, then you can mix and match different pieces with the turn of a dial.
Antelope Expansion Pack Daz 3D Do your African vistas look a little bleak without thousands of wildebeests or hundreds of gazelles?  Are your lions tired of nothing but zebra to eat?  Are your cheetahs and leopards starving?  The Antelope Pack may be your answer!
Eagle Remix Daz 3D This is the DAZ original Eagle, now also revamped with updated anatomy, and some all-new species!
Eagle Expansion Pack I Daz 3D Hawks, Falcons and Kites.  Transform your DAZ Eagle into different Birds of Prey with new morphs, textures, and Species Pose Files.

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